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Carbon Paper





Aqualibre's projects are primarily in the voluntary carbon market, backing and advancing green technologies.


This will be achieved through our Carbon offset blockchain technology.  Our trade will help support the development of these technologies, providing one of the most innovative solutions to the carbon offset & climate change sector. 

Aqualibre's concepts will positively impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of people through our ESG solutions. But just as important, the AquaLibre platform will support advancing green technologies to secure the future well-being of our planet. This is our impact solution to bring the planet to net-zero carbon by 2050.









Carbon paper: 

We refer to carbon paper as it was one of the first types of ledger or proof of trade. This was done by inserting a carbon sheet between two pieces of paper thereby making an identical copy to act as a record for both parties. The carbon paper of today is blockchain. Our Carbon paper explores the business model of this concept.  


Paper status: On Request



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